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    • Senior class

    • "Serving seniors in northern Oklahoma: Alfalfa County, Blaine County, Garfield County, Grant County, Kay County, Kingfisher County, Major County, Noble County"
    • 2008; 2009; 2010
    • Caregiver assistance news, 02/2011

    • Vision Loss/Home Accident Prevention; Focus on Fall Prevention; Quick Quiz; If Your Medicare Part D Coverage ended December 31, 2010 Act Now; Taking Care of Yourself - Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack - Manage High Blood Pressure; Safety Monitors
    • 2011-02
    • Caregiver assistance news, 03/2011

    • Senior Nutrition - Eat Safely & Wisely; Focus on Fall Prevention; Taking Care of Yourself - Motivation; Eating Well on a Budget; If You Suspect Foodborne Illness; Get Help Buying Food; Quick Quiz;
    • 2011-03
    • Caregiver assistance news, 09/2011

    • Bullies/Dealing With Difficult People; Handling Angry Outbursts or Uncooperative Behavior; When the Person Refuses to Cooperate; Changing What You Do; Don't Take It Personally; Taking Care of Yourself - Anger and Depression Increase Pain; When...
    • 2011-09
    • Senior class, 09/2011

    • Become a NODA Area Agency on Aging Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Volunteer Counselor; Medicare offers an online resource for accessing all its compare tools to help consumers improve their own health outcomes and costs; A Precious...
    • 2011-09
    • Caregiver assistance news, 10/2011

    • Mental Illness, Depression, Stress; October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Taking Care of Yourself - Keep Training Your Brain; Don't Fall - Be Safe; Good Friends Are the Secret to Long Life; Help Control Mental Illness Symptoms; NODA Area...
    • 2011-10
    • Caregiver assistance news, 11/2011

    • Alzheimer's Disease & Difficult Behavior; November is National AD Awareness Month; Screaming Fits; Taking Care of Yourself - Caregiver Burnout Checklist; Good Manners - Visits; Reassure, Don't Argue;
    • 2011-11
    • Senior class, 01-03/2012

    • Senior Day At the Capitol; Faster Walking Promotes Overall Health and Helps You Live Better and Longer; Spelling Bee; Take Control! Enroll in the Living Longer Living Stronger with Diabetes Workshp; Seniors Maintain Rights, LaJean Kirby;
    • 2012-01
    • Caregiver assistance news, 02/2012

    • The Failing Heart: Sign & Symptoms of Heart Failure, When To Call the Doctor; New Medications - New Symptoms; Shovel Snow Safely; Heart Attack Signs in Women; Support Hose; Taking Care of Yourself - Yoga and the Heart; Heart Attack;
    • 2012-02
    • Caregiver assistance news, 04/2012

    • Medication & Alcohol Abuse: A combination With Sometimes Fatal Results; Hidden Dangers; Self Evaluation - Recognize the Warning Signs; Taking Care of Yourself - Try Just Picturing It; To Become Alcohol-free; Prescription Medication Abuse;
    • 2012-04
    • Senior class, 04-06/2012

    • The 37th Annual. Oklahoma Conference on Aging "Secrets of Aging: Hidden Treasures"; Times They are a Changin' There are many recent changes in leadership at NODA Area Agency on Aging (NODA AAA).; Census Bureau Launches Interactive 1940 Census Web...
    • 2012-04
    • Caregiver assistance news, 05/2012

    • Arthritis - Back Safety: Oh, Those Aching Joints; More than Just Pain; Save Your Back With Good Body Mechanics; Get in Line; Taking care of Yourself - Keeping Arthritis Away - Try 30 Minutes a Day; Never Too Old to Play;Your Doctor Can Help When...
    • 2012-05
    • Senior class, 07-08/2012

    • Heat Stress and Seniors; Wanted - Foster Grandparents: Funeral Preplanning Reduces Stress; Rights of Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities; Education is Protection; Your Investment Rights; Caregiving: Be Prepared, Be Honest and Be Well;
    • 2012-07
    • Caregiver assistance news, 07/2012

    • Traveling with Alzheimer's Disease: Special Occasions and Special Challenges, Can You Be flexible?; 12 Tips for Navigating Airport Security, Candy B. Harrington; Taking Care of Yourself - Planning a Trip; AD Affects More Than Memory; Will the...
    • 2012-07
    • Senior class, 07-08/2012

    • Caregiving: Be Prepared, Be Honest and Be Well; Education is Protection; Your Investment Rights; Long Term care residents' rights; Wanted - Foster Grandparents: Volunteer in Your Neighborhood Schools; Funeral Preplanning Reduces Stress; Heat Stress...
    • 2012-07-01
    • Caregiver assistance news, 08/2012

    • Oxygen Therapy for Lung Disease: Dying for a Breath, Oxygen Containers; Monitoring Tools; Belly Breathing and Pursed-Lip Breathing; Flying with Oxygen; Taking Care of Yourself - Stress Relief; Conserve Energy; Avoiding Air Pollution, Irritants,...
    • 2012-08
    • Caregiver assistance news, 09/2012

    • Cancer Care: A Disease with Multiple Causes, What Is Cancer/, How Cancer Starts; Cancer Support Community Booklets for Family Caregivers; Coping with cancer Pain; Taking Care of Yourself - The Choose You Movement; Cigarette Smoking; Don't Overlook...
    • 2012-09
    • Senior class, 09-10/2012

    • Calling All Medicare Beneficiaries! Medicare 2012 Annual Enrollment Period for 2013; A Living Will; Protecting Benefits From Collection; Warning Signs That You May Need a New Lawyer; Guardianship of an Adult; the Ombudsman Program Helps Oklahomans;
    • 2012-09
    • Caregiver assistance news, 10/2012

    • Eye Safety, eye Health: Home Can Be a Dangerous Place for Eyes; Causes of Vision Loss; October -- Fire Prevention Month; Take Care of Yourself - Reach Out to People; Eye Specialists; The Eyes - A window into Health; When to Get a Vision Screening;
    • 2012-10
    • Caregiver assistance news, 11/2012

    • Using the Health Care Team Effectively: Share in Medical Decisions, Preparing for a Visit to the Doctor, At the Doctor's Office; Checklist of Changes to Report to the Doctor; Taking Care of Yourself - Battling the Blues; National Family Caregivers...
    • 2012-11
    • Caregiver assistance news, 12/2012

    • Clean It - Food, Hands, Equipment Tips to Be Safe; The Power Is In Your Hands: Wash Up, Stop Germs; Holidays Can Trigger Anxiety in People with Dementia; Taking Care of Yourself - Make a joyful noise!; Food Safety;
    • 2012-12
    • Grand-parenting news, v.10 no.1

    • Inhalant Abuse: Dangers in the Kitchen Cabinet; Turn Off the TV; Hot Pots & Kitchen Fires; Taking Care of Yourself - Your Health Is Important Too; Baby Your Baby - Teething; Teens and Hearing Loss;
    • 2013


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