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    • Habitat evaluation guide for the lesser prairie-chicken

    • Lesser prairie chicken--Habitat--Oklahoma.;Lesser prairie chicken--Habitat--Conservation--Oklahoma.;Habitat surveys.
    • Oklahoma is fortunate to have LPCs and the rangelands that support them. However, their distribution and numbers have decreased significantly from historical levels and continue to decline. To survive and reproduce, the LPC needs large expanses of...
    • A practical guide to food plots in the southern Great Plains

    • Wildlife habitat improvement--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; White-tailed deer--Food--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Wildlife attracting--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
    • Many landowners wish to understand the role of food plots in wildlife man­agement. Therefore, we created this guide to provide basic ecology for select game species, as well as science-based and realistic information on how food plots may relate.;...
    • Primary sources of county road funding

    • Roads--Oklahoma--Finance.; Bridges--Oklahoma--Finance.; Taxation--Oklahoma.
    • Funding for county road and bridge construction, improvement, and/or maintenance in Oklahoma comes from a variety of sources including federal, state, and local sources. The vast majority of county road funding typically comes from five state...
    • Cucurbit integrated crop management.

    • Cucurbitaceae.;Cucurbitaceace--Diseases and pests.;Cucurbitaceace--Diseases and pests--Control.;Vegetable trade.
    • "The objective of this publication is to assist the producer in managing all aspects of crop production, marketing, and post harvest handling to provide the profitable production of cucurbits, resulting in a safe and high quality product for the...
    • Guidebook for rural solid waste management services

    • Refuse and refuse disposal, Rural.;Refuse and refuse disposal, Rural--Oklahoma.
    • "The primary objective of this guidebook is to develop information useful to decision-makers in evaluating the economic feasibility of various alternative solid waste systems in small communities and rural areas.; Specific objectives of the study...
    • Drought management strategies

    • Drought management--Oklahoma.; Cattle--Climatic factors--Oklahoma.; Cattle--Feeding and feeds--Climatic factors--Oklahoma.
    • Conservation leaders discussed issues relevant to Oklahoma at the five Area Meetings of the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts held across the state during November 2011. “The 2011 Drought and Beyond — Will we keep the dust at bay?,”...
    • Basic biofuels information guide

    • Biomass energy.
    • Biofuels in general; Biofuels of today-Grain crops, oils, and fats; Biofuels of the future-Non-grain crops; Common biofuel blends; Biodiesel; Ethanol - Starch based; Ethanol - Cellulosic based; Renewable fuels standard (RFS)
    • Common diseases of conifers in Oklahoma

    • Conifers--Diseases and pests--Oklahoma.
    • Foliage diseases of conifers can be of great importance to the survival and general vigor of these trees in Oklahoma. The green needles of conifers often represent several years of growth and the tree depends upon all of these needles for its...
    • Water quality handbook for nurseries

    • Nurseries (Horticulture)--Water-supply--Management.
    • "The purpose of this handbook is to provide nursery managers with tools and information to protect water quality. These tools are called best management practices, or BMPs."
    • Switchgrass production guide for Oklahoma

    • Switchgrass.
    • "Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) is a proven performer over the widely variable production settings of Oklahoma. As a native perennial grass, it has long been recognized as an important component of the productive tallgrass prairie plant...
    • Duties and responsibilities of elected county officials

    • County government--Oklahoma.; County officials and employees--Oklahoma.
    • By Oklahoma law, there are nine county offices where the officials responsible for the offices are elected by the eligible voters within the county. The elected officials are three county commissioners, a county clerk, a county assessor, a county...
    • No-till cropping systems in Oklahoma

    • No-tillage--Oklahoma.;Farming--Oklahoma.
    • This publication is designed to assist individuals interested in a no-till cropping system in making decisions that affect the production of their operation.; It is imperative that today's producers and landowners employ the best management...
    • White-tailed deer habitat evaluation and management guide

    • White-tailed deer--Habitat--Oklahoma.;White-tailed deer--Habitat--Conservation--Oklahoma.;habitat surveys.
    • The purpose of this habitat evaluation and management guide is to provide a general tool for evaluating the suitability of an area for white-tailed deer. The guide is designed to help you inventory and evaluate various existing habitat components,...
    • Field key to beetles in pines

    • Pine--Diseases and pests--Oklahoma.; Beetles--Identification.
    • This key is designed to serve as a guide to identification of the more typical adult inner-bark and wood-boring beetles attacking Oklahoma pine trees. The key consists of two parts, one for adult insects and one for galleries made by the insects.
    • Oklahoma water law handbook

    • Water-supply--Law and legislation--Oklahoma--Popular works.;Water rights--Oklahoma--Popular works..
    • "The purpose of the Oklahoma Water Law Handbook is to provide a guide to Oklahoma's water law in plain English. In this Handbook, we will define the various kinds of water governed by Oklahoma's water law, illustrate how you obtain the rights, and...
    • Smoke management for prescribed burning

    • Prescribed burning.;Smoke prevention.;Air quality management.
    • Smoke management should be an important consideration when planning all prescribed burns.; The main goals of smoke management are to reduce emissions from a fire, improve the dispersion of smoke, and make sure smoke plumes do not affect...
    • Oklahoma prescribed burning handbook

    • Prescribed burning--Oklahoma.
    • Fire Effexcts; Prescribed Fire Weather; Fuel Moisture; Fire Law/Fire Plans; Prescribed Fire Safety; Firebreaks; Prescribed Fire Equipment; Smoke Management; Prescribed Fire Association; Oklahoma Prescribed Fire Council
    • Ad valorem taxes

    • Ad valorem tax--Oklahoma.
    • Property taxes are authorized by the Oklahoma Constitu­tion. Both the use of a property tax and the number of mills levied are listed in Article 10 of the Oklahoma Constitution as an ad valorem tax. Thus, the terms property tax and ad valorem tax...
    • Burn plan for prescribed burning

    • Prescribed burning.; Prescribed burning--Oklahoma.
    • A burn plan helps to determine the safest and easiest way to complete tasks before, during and after a prescribed burn. The most important reason for having a burn plan is to thoroughly think about each action before striking the match. The burn...
    • Great Plains canola production handbook

    • Canola--Great Plains.;Canola--Kansas.;Canola--Oklahoma.;Canola--Nebraska.
    • This publication discusses aspects of canola production including: field selection and crop rotation, variety selection, crop growth and development, seeding rates and seed placement, fertility, weed management, diseases, insect management,...
    • The best time of year to conduct prescribed burns

    • Prescribed burning.
    • When is the best time of year to burn? This is one of the main questions many land owners and managers often ask about prescribed burning. Timing of prescribed burns will vary depend­ing upon specific land management goals and objectives. Timing...
    • Fire effects in native plant communities

    • Prescribed burning--Oklahoma.; Forests and forestry--Fire management--Environmental aspects.; Endemic plants.;
    • Most of Oklahoma’s native prairies, shrublands, and forests are out of balance because of fire suppression. A good example of this is the invasion of eastern redcedar and ashe juniper into prairies, shrublands, and forests throughout Oklahoma....
    • Estate planning : a simplified guide for Oklahoma farm and ranch families.

    • Estate planning--Oklahoma--Popular works.;Farmers--Oklahoma--Finance, Personal.;Ranchers--Oklahoma--Finance, Personal.
    • In broad terms “estate planning” involves the acquisition, investment, protection and disposition of assets. Okla­homa families are faced with many problems in transferring property to the next generation. Increasing numbers of farm families are...
    • Field key to larvae in pecans

    • Pecan--Diseases and pests--Oklahoma.; Larvae--Identification.
    • This key is designed to serve as a guide to identification of the more typical larvae of the common insect species found in pecans and on pecan trees in Oklahoma.
    • Management after wildfire

    • Wildfire risk--Management.; Forests and forestry--Fire management.
    • What can Landowners do to manage property after a wildfire?; Has your property been affected by wildfire? Are you unsure about what to do now and who to turn to for help? Wildfires can be devastating to homes, barns, hay bales, or standing grass...
    • Cropland management during a drought

    • Droughts.; Soil management.; Crops and water.; Wheat--Oklahoma.
    • Irrigation is the only way to eliminate the impacts of drought › Yet, it can’t overcome the excessive heat that can accompany drought Severe drought will result in crop failure regardless of management Management that increases the resilience...
    • Firebreaks for prescribed burning

    • Prescribed burning.; Fuelbreaks.
    • Firebreaks, also known as fireguards, are one of the most important elements of a properly conducted prescribed fire. Firebreaks should be constructed by removing vegetation and exposing bare ground or mineral soil. This is done to keep the fire...
    • Riparian area management handbook

    • Riparian areas--Oklahoma--Management--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
    • This handbook provides a resource of riparian-related information to the general public and technical staffs in counties and conservation districts.
    • Shade tree borers

    • Borers (Insects)--Control.; Shade trees--Diseases and pests.
    • The term “borer” refers to the larval stage of some beetles and moths that feed inside the stems, branches, or trunks of plants, particularly woody plants. For example, roundheaded and flatheaded borers are the larvae of longhorned beetles and...
    • Oklahoma garden planning guide

    • Vegetable gardening--Oklahoma.
    • Well-planned, properly managed home gardens can furnish Oklahoma families with flavorful, high quality, fresh vegetables from spring through fall, as well as for processing or storing for winter.
    • Land judging in Oklahoma

    • Soils--Oklahoma--Quality.; Land use--Judging--Oklahoma.; Land capacity for agriculture--Judging--Oklahoma.
    • Judging Land Land judging is a recently added judging event in the field of agriculture. Land can be judged much like animals or crops. In judging crops, we look at the size, shape, and quality and determine which is the best. Similarly, when...
    • Site disturbance and tree decline

    • Forest site quality--Oklahoma.; Forest declines--Oklahoma.
    • Retaining older, established trees in the landscape of newly constructed buildings, roads, sidewalks, or utilities is often a major objective of a landscape plan. Trees which are thought to be “saved” often go into a decline and die. In a few...
    • Oklahoma agricultural land values

    • Farms--Valuation--Oklahoma--Statistics.
    • Except for the Oklahoma comparisons with U. S. land values, all information displayed is based on actual land sale data provided by the Farm Credit Services (FCS) offices throughout Oklahoma. Approximately 62,000 sales in the data base occurred...
    • Hypoxylon canker of oaks

    • Oak--Diseases and pests.; Hypoxylon.; Fungal diseases of plants.
    • One of the greatest losses that a homeowner can experience is the loss of a tree. Not only is a tree an aesthetic part of the yard but it also provides shade for the homeowner as well as shelter for birds and other animals. Trees in the landscape...
    • Burning in the growing season

    • Prescribed burning.
    • Growing-season prescribed fire is defined as pre­scribed burns conducted when warm-season herbaceous plants are actively growing, which is summer to early fall in the Southern Great Plains. While prescribed fire is a common management practice on...
    • Wheat streak mosaic and high plains viruses in Oklahoma

    • Wheat streak mosaic disease.;Wheat streak mosaic virus.;Wheat curl mite.;Grasses--Diseases and pests.
    • "Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) and high plains virus (HPV) infect wheat, corn, and many other grasses. The diseases caused by these viruses have been observed primarily in the drier areas of Oklahoma, i.e., the panhandle and western OK. Both...


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